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CrauforD Wine Co.

Our winemaking philosophy at CrauforD is straightforward. We work with vineyards that appeal to us, and make wines that reflect and celebrate those sites.

The CrauforD wines are all single vineyard wines, even if they don't always carry the vineyard name on the bottle.

We believe in a light touch in the cellar, but also understand that the winemaker plays a vital role in helping to guide the fruit from the vine to the bottle. We like to have a gentle, guiding hand.

We work with organic, or sustainable, vineyards and sort through the fruit meticulously by hand when it arrives on the crush pad.

We use isolated yeast strains, as we select the yeast strain specifically to the varietal and type of wine we are crafting. In our view, all yeasts are 'natural', whether native or isolated.

Our red wines are hand-crafted in small quantities, so are almost always fermented in small bins, and punched down by hand.

Our use of oak is balanced and respectful of the wine, in our opinion. All of our red wines are barrel aged, and rarely in more than about 1/4 to 1/3 new barrels. We age in barrel from 16-30 months, depending on the varietal and vintage.

Our whites are generally aged in stainless steel, or in used oak barrels, and we tend away from new oak in our white wines.

Wine is an annual celebration of the vineyard and the vintage, and each year we like to experience and enjoy the differences that each season brings!

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