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Our Cabernet Sauvignon is grown organically at 1700 ft atop Spring Mountain, Napa Valley , California.  It is the crown jewel of vineyards in Napa Valley.  Organic farming and garden diversity makes this ranch more than a only a vineyard.  St. Croix sheep, hertiage chickens, large vegetable gardens, hops, christmas trees is only a small snapshot into the ranch .  A combination of three clones grown on 110R rootstock, rock/silt loam soils, south eastern exposure and crazy attention to detail produce this ultra premium Cabernet Sauvignon from Spring Mountain.

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Single Vineyard, Spring Mountain District

Rich, chewy, dark fruit with silky layers

12 Barrels / 288 Cases

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SKU: 2017 Tattoo Cabernet Sauvignon

Single Vineyard, Oak Knoll District

Plums, persimmon and dark chocolate

2 Barrels / 48 Cases

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